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So I decided to put up some old projects from second year design. I'm putting up 98% of my projects. The other 2% were failed exploratory designs or pieces that have "mysteriously disappeared" after being handed in. So here they are! 

Here are some artworks from Art IB in High School:

First: Mr. Cantrill, 2007. Oil on Masonite. 
Second: Emma, 2007. Oil on Canvas.
Third: Grandpa, 2007. Marker and Acrylic on Masonite.
Forth: Harvery, 2007. Oil on Masonite.
Fifth: Landscape, 2006. Oil on Canvas.
Sixth: Our Western Heritage (For the Calgary Stampede), 2007. Acrylic on Masonite.
Seventh: Relationship Between Man and Woman, 2006. Graphite on Mayfair.
Eighth: Chemistry Equation, 2006. Acrylic on Hardwood. 
Ninth:Burning of a Wire Man, 2007. Mixed Media (wires, reciepts, hot glue, gift card).
Tenth: Autobiography, 2007. Ink and Watercolor on Watercolor Paper.

Here are some things from my first year in ACAD:

First: Devonian Gardens, 2008. Ink on Mayfair.
Second: Still Life, 2008. Ink on Watercolor Paper.
Third: Figure/Ground Design, 2007. Ink and Gouache on Illustration board.
Forth: Emma, 2007. Graphite on Mayfair.
Fifth: Blind Contour (2 mins each), 2007. Conte on Newsprint.
Sixth and Seventh: Male Model (10 minutes each), 2008. Ink on Newsprint.
Eighth and Ninth: Female Nude (10-20 minutes each). Conte on Newsprint. 

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