Silhouette Project.

This is a storybook silhouette project. The story that I chose is called "Tale of Five Brothers". It's about 5 identical brothers, each with a superpowers. The first brother can hold the sea in his mouth. One day, a little boy wanted to go with him to collect fish. The first brother held the sea in his mouth until he could not hold it any longer. He motioned the boy to come back, but he didn't hear the brother and drowned. The first brother was sentenced to death, but was secretly replaced by his other 4 brothers at different times, each with a superpower that allowed them to escape death. In the end, they let the first brother go and assumed that he was innocent since they could not kill him. 

So for this project, I wanted something simple and symbolic as the cover. As for the inside spread, I decided to illustrate the scene where the first brother drowned the young boy. In this scene, I wanted the image to be wild and I wanted the reader to have to look through to find the little drowned boy. 

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  1. I remember that story! I never thought about all the sea creatures living in there...