CIWA Rebranding

So since last summer (2010), I have been working with CIWA (Calgary Immigrant Women's Association) on their book production of "Proud Women" as well as their rebranding project later in 2011. I was first hired as an in-house design coordinator to design/art direct/illustrate a storybook titled, "Proud Women", featuring stories of their past and present female clients. After the completion of that project, they asked me back again in early 2011 to create a new logo and collateral for CIWA. 

The concept of the logo works off of the idea of networking and creating links within the community. They had asked for something simple and feminine to represent the agency. I developed the logo with the idea of these intertwining "c" (C's to represent Calgary, CIWA, Community, Client, etc) to create the image of a flower, linked by these letters. I wanted the flower to represent the feminine nature of the agency, but I also wanted the flower simple enough so that it reminds us of the "first flower we learned to draw".

Currently, CIWA is putting up a new website and is in the process to replacing old stationary with the new collateral. This new logo will be introduced during their AGM this coming Wednesday (June 15). 

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